Piano Lessons


Professional Piano Lessons for K-8 at Matalino Music

Lessons on piano for grades K-8 (piano) are available with an experienced teacher who is an active member of the National Music Teachers Association. Lessons are given during music classes at school, recess, lunch, before and after school, on weekends, and at times approved by the student’s classroom teacher. One workshop per semester will also be scheduled, where students prepare and perform a piece for a small group of their peers who actively participate in discussing it. All piano students may participate in a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert held in the Church.

Piano/Keyboard: Lessons are available with Anne Hung. You must have an instrument at home to practice on before lessons are scheduled. Keyboards must have full-size keys, be touch-sensitive (the weight of the hand can rest on them without them falling down), and have a sustain pedal.

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